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What Is MAZDAZNAN Breath and Health Culture?

IT is the only method of breathing that has for its object the restoration of the nervous system to perfect regeneration thereby insuring normal organic action, conducive to perfect health.
A mind, conscious of its functional needs, and tranquil upon all occasions, well-centered and concentrated, and with perfect control of will, directing everything for its own individual good and at all times polarized, enjoys a state of perfect health and understands rythmic breathing. Since all life becomes conscious of existence through the breath, this breath when properly directed will accomplish everything that our mind may desire.

Breath Culture Studies

The Importance of Breathing.
NOT only in our present day but from time immemorial, the wise, awakened to their better self, have attempted to fathom the secret of life and in their anxiety for the truth, delved into the very bosom of nature with the purpose in view of finding a key with which to unlock the mystery of man’s destiny. The more observant we become, profiting by the experiences gained and applying them to the conditions of our being as we follow the course of investigation, the more readily we shall perceive that life and manifestation of life is a continuous perpetuity of inspirational revelation or inbreathing and outbreathing, involution and evolution.
The more we get an understanding of the power of breath and its importance in the perpetuation of one’s own species, the sooner we shall become conscious of a factor that decides our happiness and our woes in accordance to the power or ability of directing vibrations. The peculiarities of individuals may be determined by the lengths and depths of the breaths taken, as well as by the attitude of the body when breathing. Thus even the life of the manifesting existence or length of days, may be determined by one’s breath and breathing. Not the size or weight of a body or its muscles decide the ability of being, but the activity of the functions.

A Creedless Love


A Creedless love that knows no clan, 
No caste, no class, no cult but man, 
That deems today and now and here 
Are voice and vision of the seer, 
That through this lifted human clod 
The inflow of the breath of God 
Still sheds it apostolic pow’rs, 
Such faith, such hope, such love be ours.

What Can We Eat?

THIS is a question asked and handed to us at our classes or even in our meetings more than a thousand times out of three hundred and sixty-five days. Again and again it is answered, and those who have advanced a little beyond it in the Mazdaznan studies oftentimes forget that there was a time when they asked the very same question and now wonder at our patience in answering the same many times over during the day. We love to answer the question, and every one who has caught the Mazdaznan spirit will do the same.

Physical and Mental Training

If we made it a point to give only twenty minutes a day to rhythmic, systematic, methodical and melodious exercises, which include glandular motions, only twenty minutes a day; if we did it consciously, which means thoughtfully, with our mind upon every motion, action, vibration; if we did it religiously, seriously and for three hundred and sixty-five days, what would be the result!



GA-LLAMA is a term used by the Mazdaznan to de signate the substance contained in the air we breathe during waking hours, and has for its purpose to perpetuate the existence of the individual cell of our composite frame by virtue of its centralizing the intelligence to the respective individual cell. With the concentration of mind upon the breath, we take into our form Ga-Llama, the centralizing Life-principle,— Ga- (centralizing) Llama (Life-principle).


1. Appeal to yourself alone.

2. Be determined to be free in thot.

3. Come up to all agreements of the day, to satisfy all.

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