Airyama Exercise

When mentally depressed, heart and soul wounded, suffering reverses or on the verge of nervous collapse; let go of the things that cause sorrow, and immediately resort to this exercise:

  1. Adjust body into a comfortable position, whether sitting, working, standing or walking.
  2. Throw out your chest to the highest point possible and keep the chest wall right there, allowing no muscular movements. Any movement that may occur will have to be confined to abdomen or solar plexus.
  3. Relax every part of the body.
  4. Set tongue firmly against lower set of teeth.
  5. Empty the lungs and now inhale slowly, gently, persistently, and until it seems you cannot possibly inhale any more.
  6. This point of absolute inhalation reached, arrest all further lung action.
  7. Retain the breath while counting mentally up to twenty, thirty, or more.
  8. Keep relaxed.
  9. Now exhale with sighs, at intervals.
  10. When thru emptying the lungs, again inhale as before, and inhale to the highest possible point.
  11. Arrest again after the inhalation, and count mentally as before if possible for a little longer, then twenty, thirty, forty, etc.
  12. And again exhale while sighing.
  13. Repeat this exercise three to five times.

(spoken by Elevenlabs George)

This exercise, taken first thing in the morning and again upon retiring, will aid greatly in mind and heart culture. Used in connection with the Prayer Formula, "Realization," repeated every morning and night, will arrest insomnia, somnambulism, nervousness, sleepy disease, hallucination, obsession, restlessness, bad omens, brain storms, and other mental disturbances. In addition, change diet frequently, take short fasts or hunger cure. Fruit and milk diet, according to temperament, is highly recommended.

Photo credits: © Drobot Dean -