NEVER yield to temptations placed before you and laid in your path by those about you, but be de­termined to hold your own, always remembering that you are big enough to decide for your ownself irrespec­tive of suggestions. You may be thought odd, yet it is better to be odds than ends.

Religious and Political Liberty.

WE are supposed to have perfect freedom of thought and speech, religious, political and otherwise, and yet, if we do not entertain our neighbor’s opinions, views and belief we are ostracised from his association. There is contradiction and inconsistency in our claims. We marvel about the existing inharmony between nations, tribes, societies and families. We plead for abolishment of crime, cruelty, class distinction and injustice, yet at the same time we are determined to have it brought about in our own way, inconsiderate as to a possible infringement upon the rights of individuals thinking otherwise.

That old preconceived idea of “free agency” has rooted itself well into our hearts, which guarantees us a will of our own — not be used. To live a life of duplicity is the consequence of such doctrine and “diplomacy” is a close friend. What a sad condition it must be to lead a life of slavery and yet be compelled to confess it an “exercised liberty” — of one’s own free will and choice. Had we common sense and sound reason we would naturally accord equal recognition to every individual, thereby removing all thoughts of differences. The expression of our ideas is as much characteristic of our being as the ideas expressed by others. After all, they are merely ideas, expressing conditions of time according to the desires of the heart and the demands of the mind.

As the grass draws from out the atmosphere elements peculiar to its own kind, and the tree gathers unto itself from the soil, the air and the sunshine elementary conditions suitable for the perpetuation of its species, so does man form unto himself ideas from that realm of thought most appealing to his nature. That which does not agree with the make-up of a plant is not attracted by it, and although drawn into its system, it will not be retained for any length of time. Just so the human being. When we shall have sense enough to know when we have enough reason to decide as to the advisability of our reaching out for ideas, we shall have recognized that to every being comes what he seeketh in its own due time. That opportunities to learn and to know are ever before us, and that we merely need to take advantage of them and make use of them in as far as our capabilities correspond with our abilities. Recognizing the same right for every individual, we shall be able to continue to live in peace individually and prosper collectively.

from US Mazdaznan Magazine 1903 March p. 20

What Is MAZDAZNAN Breath and Health Culture?

IT is the only method of breathing that has for its object the restoration of the nervous system to perfect regeneration thereby insuring normal organic action, conducive to perfect health.
A mind, conscious of its functional needs, and tranquil upon all occasions, well-centered and concentrated, and with perfect control of will, directing everything for its own individual good and at all times polarized, enjoys a state of perfect health and understands rythmic breathing. Since all life becomes conscious of existence through the breath, this breath when properly directed will accomplish everything that our mind may desire.

Breath Culture Studies

The Importance of Breathing.
NOT only in our present day but from time immemorial, the wise, awakened to their better self, have attempted to fathom the secret of life and in their anxiety for the truth, delved into the very bosom of nature with the purpose in view of finding a key with which to unlock the mystery of man’s destiny. The more observant we become, profiting by the experiences gained and applying them to the conditions of our being as we follow the course of investigation, the more readily we shall perceive that life and manifestation of life is a continuous perpetuity of inspirational revelation or inbreathing and outbreathing, involution and evolution.
The more we get an understanding of the power of breath and its importance in the perpetuation of one’s own species, the sooner we shall become conscious of a factor that decides our happiness and our woes in accordance to the power or ability of directing vibrations. The peculiarities of individuals may be determined by the lengths and depths of the breaths taken, as well as by the attitude of the body when breathing. Thus even the life of the manifesting existence or length of days, may be determined by one’s breath and breathing. Not the size or weight of a body or its muscles decide the ability of being, but the activity of the functions.

What Can We Eat?

THIS is a question asked and handed to us at our classes or even in our meetings more than a thousand times out of three hundred and sixty-five days. Again and again it is answered, and those who have advanced a little beyond it in the Mazdaznan studies oftentimes forget that there was a time when they asked the very same question and now wonder at our patience in answering the same many times over during the day. We love to answer the question, and every one who has caught the Mazdaznan spirit will do the same.

Logo-Bild_600px.jpgSunday 6 Aug. 2023 until Saturday 12 Aug. 2023
Spital/Pyhrn (Upper Austria)


Motto: "Live Mazdaznan in the new time! In peace - with friends - in happiness".

"Let's meet in the mountains" in the heart of Austria, in this wonderful landscape, to learn and live the wonderful Mazdaznan way of life together - whether you have known Mazdaznan for a long time or want to discover it anew!

Here, in the heart of Austria, among like-minded Mazdaznan friends from all over the world, you will spend a wonderful, harmonious and eventful week. Besides a varied Mazdaznan programs with breathing, glandular and harmony exercises, interesting lectures, many practical applications, two hikes in the beautiful mountain landscape are also planned.

In order to make this week unforgettable for our children and young people, there will be child care and a youth programme.

Children and youths (without own income) will receive a subsidy of 100€ from the Mazdaznan Foundation afterwards.

The hotel "Friends of Nature" is located in the small town of Spital am Pyhrn in the middle of greenery, surrounded by mountains.

The small town of Spital am Pyhrn is about 1.5 hours from Salzburg and the German border and is easy to reach by car and train. The Linz airport Hörsching is also only 1 h away.

Spital am Pyhrn offers many recreational opportunities such as hiking, cycling, climbing and swimming in the Gleinkersee lake 10 km away or in the indoor swimming pool. The hotel itself has a lovingly designed wellness area and invites the whole family to relax. A café/restaurant with outdoor seating additionally offers regional specialities.

The meeting starts on Sunday 6. 8. 2023 at 18. 00 with dinner. Departure is on Saturday 12. 8. 2023 after lunch.

The cost per person consists of the price for accommodation and meals (to be paid to the hotel) and an organisation fee (to be paid to Mazdaznan Publishing House). Children are exempt from the organisation fee.
6 nights, 2 vegetarian meals daily, programme, walks and excursion; all rooms with shower and toilet.



In a single room

In a double room

Children under 6 years

Children 6 to 9 years

Children 10 to 15 years

In a 4-bed room with others

516,-  €

444,-  €


228,-  €

270,-  €

384,-  €


The costs for the room are to be paid at the hotel on site. In addition, the hotel has to pay 2,20 € /night tourism contribution per person; plus 2€/bill.

If the consumer price index rises above 2%, the hotel reserves the right to adjust prices at short notice to the extent of the difference in the index increase. We will keep you updated on this and you will be informed in good time before the start of the meeting.

Organisation fee (for adults only):

The organisation fee to cover expenses is:
For registration until 28. February: 25 € (per adult)
Registration 1. March to 30. June 2023: 50 € (per adult)

Please transfer the organisation fee to:

To: Verlag Mazdaznan GmbH (Adress if needed be the bank: Zur Ziegelhuette 13, D-76228 Karlsruhe)
IBAN: DE59 4306 0967 7010 3435 01
BIC: GENODEM1GLS, GLS Bank (GLS Bank Bochum, Christstr. 9, D-44789 Bochum)
Subject: Mazdaznan Summer Meeting 2023

Hotel costs will be paid on site at the hotel - please do not transfer!

Registration deadline: 30 June 2023

The organisation fee is due after registration by bank transfer. You will receive an invoice by mail. In case of cancellation this amount cannot be refunded. If the meeting is cancelled by the organisers, this amount will be fully refunded.

For better planning we ask for early registration!

Do NOT register at the hotel, but only via this form.


If you have any problems with the registration, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or +36702069193 (I can also be reached via Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, ...).

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GA-LLAMA is a term used by the Mazdaznan to de signate the substance contained in the air we breathe during waking hours, and has for its purpose to perpetuate the existence of the individual cell of our composite frame by virtue of its centralizing the intelligence to the respective individual cell. With the concentration of mind upon the breath, we take into our form Ga-Llama, the centralizing Life-principle,— Ga- (centralizing) Llama (Life-principle).

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