theory practice

It is quite admirable and praiseworthy for us to attempt the acquisition of learning, but it is one thing to be studious and devoted in seeking knowledge from books, and quite another thing to study and become acquainted with the nature of objects and things which we observe everywhere, and which pertain to the realm of everyday life and common experience. Because of our dual nature we are only too much inclined to forgetful-ness, and quite often drift into fancies of idealisms, misleading doctrines and opinions, soothing to a depraved mind because of its intoxicating influence, but destructive to our true nature and detrimental to our development into practicability. 

We should strive to accumulate knowledge in all things, but we should not sacrifice our character by leaning towards highmindedness on account of our learning. 

Adopt means appealing to your mind to purify and exalt your nature, and results will reward your ambition, while love and practice of temperance in all things will make you master of reason and insure you health and comfort. 

The sober, thoughtful and discerning do not recognize the dark side of existence, and are capable of bearing a great deal, complaining but little, and feel but seldom disturbed. 

A wise man is always able to choose between doubtfulness and certainty, and although he may not express it, because of his impartiality, honesty and unprejudiced tendency in character he will in his final conclusions disclose his purpose. 

Honor and wealth may be desirable, but whenever we discover that honor is belittled or that justice is impaired or impeded by the employment of wealth, we should at once overcome its baneful influence, either by common consent or, if needs be, by the enactment of applicable law. 

Close intimacy with persons of excessive pride or conceit will not be conducive to self-improvement, and we do better to give them quite a range, while we try to walk in the narrow path of equability of judgment. 

All men are sincere and honest providing we do not too intimately associate with them. Listen to what people have to say and judge of its value according to circumstances, and with due regard to the importance of a doubt. Always make it a point to find whether their thought and actions harmonize, and judge not by appearances for they are ever deceptive. 

To be born of poor parents should not be an obstacle to one's advancement and success in life, for, if wise and worthy, ability ought to recommend one to place and power. 

It will not suffice us to know of virtue and its efficacy when applied, we must possess it and exercise it as well, for the mere admiration of the same will not profit us. 

Never complain of a want of strength nor allege that difficulties lie in your path.  Cheer up, and have confidence in the best of life, press onward in the pursuance of the very highest aim, even though facing disheartening trials and obstacles. 

Mingle with all classes of men and women, young and old, and exclude none of your associationship. Stay way from congregations exclusively for men and gatherings for women only. Bear in mind that anything unsuitable to the ears of others or the world at large, and language improper in the presence of all the world, will breed trouble and vice. 

Keep away from overcrowded assemblages as the vibrations set into motion there will take on a stormy and uncertain condition detrimental to your well-being. Take no part in their operations, and you will never have any regrets. 

Do not make pledges or encourage any advancements toward the opposite sex, which you do not intend to redeem and justify. 

Watch your thought, and learn to direct it into channels well becoming an intellectual being, and guard your feelings, habits and conduct at all times, that you may always stand self-approved and justified. 

If it is not possible for you to aid in the suspension of vice and wrong, remain reserved, that you may not place obstacles in the way of those who feel it their duty to pay attention in that direction. 

Whenever an opportunity for well-doing presents itself, do not slight it, but be earnest in taking advantage of it, thereby fulfilling your duty toward yourself and the world. 

Be ever ready to listen to advice, and profit by its good intentions. 

Every action of worthiness and praise should be an example to you to emulate and to practise in your own daily pursuits. 

Take no position of government so long as you are not able to control your passion and are incapable of advising, directing and governing your own affairs successfully. 

Remain cool and reflect upon all matters before engaging in their pursuit, and allow no one to influence you to carry out their dictations which they are not capable to accomplish without your aid. 

As earthquakes revive the spirit of activity in the industrial life, so a shaking revival spurs the individual unto new accomplishments.
"What can be shaken shall be shaken." Any kind of stir is better than the stagnancy of self-satisfaction.

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