Peace be unto you;
Peace be among you;
Peace be with you!

The Savior added, "the peace that surpasseth all the understanding of man!" Yes, that peace, that greater peace, that peace of heart, mind and soul; that is the state of peace that surpasseth the understanding of man; that peace that satisfies as to the solving of every problem in life, that peace in which we prosper, making it possible to enjoy everything in the daily walks of life; that peace that gives satisfaction every step of the way; that peace that makes it possible to enjoy the demands made by one's daily vocations; for with joy in our hearts we must be able and capable to cope with any and every condition. Such is only possible where there is consciousness of God. To have, to make and to enjoy peace with and among all, to have such a peaceful peace that surpasseth the understanding of man; an ordinary mind cannot understand or realize such a state of peace.

In the world there is no peace. Why? Because on terra firma there are constant upheavals, numerous diversions that distract the mind. Peace is a state of realization and is only possible to the individual. In the world there is no peace; it is only possible when realizing a state of at-one-ment with God, which reveals to us the origin of our material existence and our coming and going, revealing the object of manifestation and with it revealing the possibilities before us, revealing the future of the endlessness of time and eternity. To enjoy such a state we have to realize a state of peace which alone makes it possible to think, reason and reflect upon Time and Eternity - reflection upon the objective in nature, manifesting in the creation of worlds, planets and planetary systems and revealing all the uncountable operations of creation and evolution leading to the thought of perfection. In a state of turmoils, upheavals, storms, hurricanes of even a mental and psychic state, it is impossible to realize anything pertaining to life and eternity. Why? Because of all these uncertainties and troublesome experiences in the daily walks of life, we are constantly seeking, looking for a life-line to save us, but not until we reach a state of at-one-ment with God, are we at peace, that peace which is at-one with our original being. We are at peace if we have reached the God-like, infinite peace. If at-one with God, at-one with divinity, we are at-one with everybody and everything. Then no matter how troublesome conditions may seem, we are assured of that peace. Peace: be still! Peace: be still! All else must adjust itself to meet our understanding, our longings, hopes and wishes, for the simple reason that we know the cause of the phenomenal worlds and their particular manifestations. We are not to find fault with stormy oceans. This apparent phenomenon is based upon nature's indisputable laws. We must not be troubled with hurricanes, but let them pass and not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. We must protect our lives against these unchained elements. Conflagrations are inevitable, but we are not to bemoan them. We must use our intelligence to protect ourselves and remain untouched by them. Thus we are not to give thought to the ups and downs of humanity in this terrestrial life and to those who are earthbound. We should not go into account over existing conditions, for they are in the nature of things. We must use intelligence to control any and every phenomena on the part of humanity with their diverse operations, and be capable and able to the degree and to the extent that we are able to apply ourselves to the conditions and environments of time; not to yield but to control them by the application of our higher intelligence. First of all, we must realize our at-one-ment with God; never allow ourselves to take suggestions on the part of an undeveloped world, for we are to be free from every suggestion. We are not Finite, but a part of the Infinite, the consciousness of which is to be used to further Infinite designs.

"Yea, Peace be unto you; Peace be with you; Peace be among you!"
"Not as the world giveth peace, give I unto you, but the peace that surpasseth all the understanding of man."

The world gives only a greeting in language, a declaration with no meaning and without furthering the means unto its realization. "I give my peace, the peace that surpasseth the understanding of man!" Thus we are gathered with our dearly beloved Ones from afar, thereafter to bask in the divine thought of peaceful radiations. The world must still pass through stormy vibrations of a material form, even the stormy vibrations of spiritual and psychic darkness. The world is only being born and is still in the making, going through its gestative processes, but the world is not yet born. The world is looking forward to be of and at-one with spirit, divinity. We realize that we have nothing in common with the world; we must separate ourselves from the world. As members of the Royal Household of Mazda, the Chosen and Elect Ones of God, conscious because of our royal relationship and conscious by virtue of the Divine Spark at-one with our Infinite God, we come together to propose, define, declare and demonstrate the possibilities of life leading unto Perfection. We are here on terra firma to exercise our gifts, talents, powers and forces of an infinite, of a divine nature. We are not here to lead one another, but to lead the world to the altar of the Divine, Infinite, revealing the treasures which lie in wait for every soul. We are here to demonstrate to our own satisfaction that everything thinkable is possible, no matter how ideal and sublime, and no matter how great and inspiring; such is possible even to undeveloped minds - this state is feasible, plausible; if it is not yet demonstrable, provable and usable, it is because we have not yet discovered the corresponding laws that make it possible for us to materialize, to bring about, to demonstrate the thing or object desired. Everything thinkable is possible! Thus, reading the records of old, considered to be as fables, stories, sagas, though apparently visionary and dreamlike, nevertheless, each and every one of these histories, records, propose (although but in a small materialistic manner) the realization of greater possibilities. All things thinkable are possible! Our thinking, therefore is to bear out all things possible, whether of the heart, mind, soul or divine spark. This applies not only to the development of the mental sphere on the part of the mind and brain and in the calling out of the hidden treasures of intelligence that lie hidden within the mental state and also the psychic or spiritual state delving into strata of the operations and creations of universes throughout the magnitude of space; but this also applies to the daily walks of life. All things thinkable are possible; for if it were not so, matter would not exist. When we think and consider this earth we traverse, these planets surrounding us, when we think of the universes with all their planets, stars, we realize that they are the result of thought and realize that conscious thought preceded it all. All growth is the result of the operations of thought in correspondences, then this thought gained through experiences makes it still more possible to bring into form, to realize and materialize everything longed and wished for.

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