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30 Points to consider

  1. There are four great stepping stones revealing the Principle of Life: (1) Growth, (2) Development, (3) Unfoldment, (4) Maturity.
  2. Man can only cope with the conditions of today to the extent and degree that he has called out the latent forces and powers from within himself.
  3. Where today may we find the men of intelligence and scientific knowledge able to compete with the master-minds that built the Pyramids, the Sphynx, the Coliseum and the many more astounding monuments of the Ancients.
  4. The understanding mind reasons, contemplates, adds the good, and takes away the contrary from the affairs of life, thus filling the atmosphere with thoughts of a constructive nature.
  5. Mazdaznan accepts the law of reciprocity, giving freely from out of the great storehouse of infinite supply, "Without money and without price." Therefore, "Freely as thou hast received, likewise shalt thou give freely."
  6. Mazdaznan presents the greatest possible demonstration of good through its eminent tenets: Good Thought — Good Word — Good Deed.
  7. Man can only give as far as he possesses. He only reflects the knowledge of which he is conscious. True, he holds all knowledge, wisdom and understanding within himself, but he has yet to discover this great fact.
  8. He who fills his position in life honorably and performs his work well is a benefit to humanity and a valuable asset to a community.
  9. God—Infinite Intelligence—is the sovereign unit of reality through which man learns to accept God's infinite designs, willing and eager to be led by His great wisdom and understanding.
  10. The human body is built from the individual cell. The individual cell is a microscopic unit of the body. By a process of growth and multiplicity this minute nucleus of cell units results at last in a complete human being, built of almost countless millions of cells. These cells specialize for certain different functions, but in the main they retain the characteristics of the individual cell.
  11. The only infallible book of truth is the "Open Book of Nature," interpreted by every tongue alike and irrespective of ancient and modern languages, customs, creeds and dogmas.
  12. The goal of attainment continues to be that of perfection. With a song of praise upon our lips we go forward day after day, rejoicing in the matchless blessings bestowed upon us by the beneficent hand of our All-loving Father whose ever-watchful eye sees that His children "Never want for any good thing."
  13. Matter is not the end of Creation, but it is a creation of means to an end.
  14. The body is to the mind what the soul is to the spirit, while the entity moves independently of either or all of them. The entity is the correlative whole to God as is the drop of water the minimized complex to the wide ocean.
  15. All nature abounds and resounds with glad, melodious song and music. When so-called "inanimate" life can smile and rejoice, how much more should man express through song and praise his appreciation of the countless blessings showered upon him.
  16. He is only poor who knows not the value of his own infinite being.
  17. Life is made up of growth and love. When we cease to grow, we disintegrate. When we cease to love, we no longer have any purpose in life. Therefore, insure perpetual growth by perfect living and assure unto yourself a joyous existence by bestowing your love upon the worthy.
  18. All of our efforts should be directed toward the development of the best that is in us. Indeed, such should be the elementary education of all children born into this world, that from the beginning they may learn to appreciate the value of their material, mental and spiritual endowments.
  19. Wisdom is like unto the Tree of Life—it grows in the soil of a regenerated heart and yields the fruit of peace and joy.
  20. When commercialism gives way to agriculture, extravagance to simplicity, waste to economy, then will we again take up the broken threads of human relations and be truly happy, finding joy and felicity in the humble blade of grass and seeing in the gifts of nature the blessings bestowed upon mankind by an Infinite Creator.
  21. Nothing is destroyed but that at sometime it shall be restored. Nothing can be taken but what it shall be returned, and nothing is lost which shall not be found again.
  22. Matter is the end of spirit, while spirit is the beginning of matter.
  23. When we desire to have or to hold, we must first perform some labor worthy of such a blessing.
  24. It is not by word of mouth, but by acts and deeds of consciousness, exemplified through a perfect life on earth that man can fulfill the trust invested in him by an All-wise Creator.
  25. "Created in the image and likeness of God," which nodoubt means to hold the head high, the chest out, and the spine erect.
  26. Breath is ever the same, but the manifestation of breath is in accordance to the development of the form through which it is manifest.
  27. There are no Americans, no Germans, Swiss, French or Spanish—there is no Jew or Gentile—there is only God and His Creation. All life is formed and created out of the One universal life substance.
  28. Man is the highest physical manifestation of Breath. The more attention given to the exercise of rhythmic breathing will result in a purer manifestation.
  29. Evolution without recognition of the principle embodied in creation would carry man adrift like a log thrown into a bounding river whose current considers not the end endeavor of the human race.
  30. Man continues to ask: "Who am I, where did I come from, what am I here for, where am I going?" All of these questions present ample evidence that man has not yet realized that he is the creator of his own destiny and that he has been endowed from the beginning with powers of foresight which will, when exercised, enable him to control both mind and body.

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