Exhaustion is a term used to denote that we have reached the limit. That state is applicable to our physical and mental state, as well as in business pursuits. When we have exhausted our resources then we are bankrupt. When we have exhausted our strength we are weak, decrepit, sick. When we have exhausted our thinking capacity we are void of any plans, schemes, ideas. We are up against it. Once we are down and out we are simply exhausted, and something has to turn up to give us a boost, a lift, a start. Most of us do not know what to do, and we let go of things; even lose hold on ourselves. We begin to drift. Once we drift we run the risk of getting into an eddy of entangled nets from which there is no escape. Still, "where there is a will, there is a way" if we but arouse ourselves; if we but determine.

"Breathe out; breathe out;" calls to us an old sage who went through the mill. "Breathe out;" empty the lungs to the utmost and arrest all breath operations for thirty seconds, before taking another inhaling breath. Immediately after the inhalation breathe out again to the utmost and arrest all operations for another thirty seconds. Keep it up for three to five times so as to get hold of this physical self. Thereafter reverse the operations: inhale as long as possible, yet without any visible tension. Inhale, and for thirty seconds retain', hold to that current inhaled. Do not let go of it. Raise the chest higher. Set the chest firmer. Arouse a feeling akin to that of Jacob: "I leave thee not - unless thou blessest me!" NOW exhale with a sigh; and again inhale and inhale. Again arrest for thirty seconds; retain the inhaled current; exhale with a sigh. Keep it up for three to five times, and begin over again with the former exercise of arrestment after the exhalation.

(spoken by Elevenlabs Matilda)

Rest for a while; give no thought to one thing, or another; divert your mind from the objective; let the eyes look at things, but do not offer an opinion; let the ears hear things, still, give it no thought. When the mind learns to turn a blank page the spirit is enabled to write a message, and have it read to you in an unmistakable language, revealing the step for you to take that leads you into channels of renewed success.

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