Rhythmic Breathing

Rhythmic breathing leads to tranquility of the mind which insures a control over the brain functions. Our brain action, when harmonious with the promptings of the soul, will express ideas which insure a better understanding in our relations toward manifestation and lead us into paths wholesome to our physical being. We then shall be able to listen to the still, small voice from out of the realms of consciousness, manifesting through the sense of intuition revealing to our being the requisites toward sustenance of a happy existence, as the foods partaken of denote the condition of our organic being, or the position of mind and soul.

It is well to note that whatever may be our bodily affliction, there is mainly but one disease, therefore, dis-ease. Mental depression can exist only when there is an organic derangement, the latter being possible only where there is insufficient intelligence for functional action. The normal action of the bodily organs depends for its supply upon the generation of electric fluids through the ganglionic vibrations of the nervous system, and that can be assured only by a normal circulation of the blood, of which the latter necessitates perfect breath capacity.

(spoken by Elevenlabs Greg)

The abstinence from animal foods alone will not assure us of the enjoyments of perfect health. We are to learn that vegetation of the greatest concentrated elements would be the most appropriate for man's use. Wheat ranks the foremost in concentrated food values. One cupful of wheat soaked overnight, divided to make two meals, with double the quantity of fruit and two tablespoons of oil, will keep the average person in good health, strength and vitality. One day of fast out of a week will insure better action of the organic functions. To form greater salivary action conducive to digestion and assimilation, all one needs to do is to take a thorough breathing exercise before partaking of meals, and observe this rule when breathing: To keep head erect, mouth closed, teeth separated, tongue resting at lower part of mouth, chest high, shoulders drooping and spinal column erect.

The world is awakening to a better realization. Now that the spirit of the times demands greater brain action, it necessitates on our part the direction of the same into more diversified channels. To meet the requirements of time we find that the mind, although ever so active, must have a suitable instrument, otherwise all our achievements will result in failure. There has never been a doubt but that our ideas are the outcome of vibrations resulting from the kind of food we have partaken of, as well as our relation to the elements we breathe. It is important for us to learn that the food we eat is to furnish the necessary elements for the continuation of the material cell which is obtainable from the grains only, as they are a concentration of the dual forces in nature, soil substance and light vibration. In gaining health, as well as in retaining it by living upon grain, keeping up the eliminating action by additional use of fruits, with oils to encourage muscular activity, we would have little trouble in remaining harmonious with the conditions and requirements of time.

The less we cook our foods, the smaller is the quantity required. The less waste of the food, the less organic action in this particular direction would be required, and the continued action could be directed toward the concentration of energies that form the intelligence. Because there is plenty upon the earth does not necessitate wastefulness on our part, nor are we expected to use the things before us because of their presence. We sometimes hear people say that they are boarding, and for this reason they cannot follow a diet nor fast, as they have to pay for their board. We are not compelled to board where we cannot prepare foods ourselves; it will be best to learn to live on foods which need little preparation, and if we have a will to do so, we can find a way to live a better and more enjoyable life. We can make it a point not only to eat a little at a time, but to eat not more than twice a day. Fleshy people should not eat heavy breakfasts, and only drink as little as possible; while lean people will find it best to eat a late breakfast and an early dinner. All solids should be masticated thoroughly, until tasteless; all liquids should be drawn between the teeth and turned in the mouth several times before being swallowed. Keeping the mind upon the work before one, entertaining ideas of the highest possible nature pertaining to food values, mastication, and assimilation, we shall find that one-half of the regular ration to which we are accustomed, will satisfy us, gradually decreasing the quantity until the least morsel will furnish all the material required for soil substance by our organic system for the perpetuation of cell formation. Following a diet with rhythmic breathing for six, nine or more weeks, will bring a gradual change for the better, not only in our physical health, but also a clarity to the brain cells.

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