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"My Own Shall Come to Me."

Many undesirable things come to us because we still hold to undesirable tendencies, and if we continue to recognize negative conditions in even the slightest degree, we set in motion thought forces that work out unfavourably for us. If we desire good, better, best, then be assured only the good, better, best will come to us. Perhaps we are not positive enough in our demands, our concentration is not quite up to the mark. There are weak points to be mastered, negative moments when we yield to suggestion. We must learn to be positively conscious as we send out our Thought. Three things must preface our action, i.e., position, relaxation and concentration. Then as our motive is pure and good (for remember it is the motive back of our desires that prompts the action) the pure and good must inevitably come to us.

If we desire Destiny to turn the Great Wheel of Fortune in our favour we must be sure that our mind and heart are free from malice, envy and jealousy, for these poisonous emanations have their corresponding reflections in the elemental realms and when the motive is not the purest and best, all these forces help to turn the Wheel of Fortune against us. Indeed our own will come to us. The important question to every individual is "which way am I turning the Wheel of Destiny?" What is the nature, the quality of my Thoughtforce? Is it free from all self-interest? At any rate, this great Wheel of Destiny moves on, either forward or backward it rolls, but roll it must. The main thing is, that we are mindful of our motive power, rightly setting into action this Wheel that it may favourably turn toward us bearing upon its wings the blessings that are to enrich us materially, mentally, psychically and spiritually, determining the responding currents through Good Thot, Good Word, Good Deed.

The Great inexorable Law is entirely universal. It knows of no personality, but it reminds one that the harvest is sure. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap. Whith spine erect, chest thrown up, mind conscious, we are in a position to exercise our Good Thot, Word and Deed.

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