invest in yourself commands tips

1. Appeal to yourself alone.

2. Be determined to be free in thot.

3. Come up to all agreements of the day, to satisfy all.

4. Do things "on the breath."

5. Establish the fact that you are the Infinite Intelligence of Mazda, on earth.

6. Find out your most congenial foods by eating them alone and then in combination.

7. Grow broader.

8. Have time to be useful.

9. Inform yourself by coming into contact with all sorts and conditions.

10. Joyously live.

11. Know how to keep your body in order.

12. Live according to correct routine.

13. Make a new beginning.

14. Never drop your chest.

15. Open up that dynamic force of yours, and everything will be yours.

16. Prove yourself in all your undertakings.

17. Question not, but do things willingly and thotfully.

18. Remember the season.

19. Study up dietetics before-not after the meal.

20. Throw off the garment of heredity.

21. Unlock the secrets of your body.

22. Verify your deeds and accomplishments thru demonstration.

23. Weigh your knowledge.

24. Expand your nerve operations.

25. You must relax in order to be serious.

26. Zealously work to spread the message of Mazdaznan.

Source: US Magazine 1918, page 224.
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