Have in your heart sunshine and all is well

I am here upon the earth to reclaim the earth

I am here upon the earth to reclaim the earth;
to turn the deserts into a paradise –
A paradise most suitable unto God
and His associates to dwell therein.


The Daily Question

1. Be this then my daily question,
my anxiety, my reflection,
if in me God dwells and reigns (bis)

2. If I lively step to meet Him,
if in me I always see Him,
if I follow in His lead (bis)

3. If I reached the goal of brightness,
in all things reflect His likeness,
if in Him I’m solemnized (bis)


For God is Love

For God is love, and whosoever
abideth in that blessed love,
in him shall God abode forever,
and he abide in God’s own love.


Ev’ry inhaled breath

1. Ev’ry inhaled breath brings life,
exhalation ends all strife,
keep your nostrils wide and clear,
tongue relax: God’s name revere.
Inhale gladly, inhale long,
exhale slowly, exhale long,
then with ev’ry indrawn breath,
realize there is no death;
keep your chest out, chin drawn in,
set they thought on God within.

2. Adam breath of life received,
as God through his nostrils breathed,
Adam turned living soul
that he might perceive the goal.
Now relax your body well,
as through nostrils you exhale.
Keep your solar plexus in,
while your mind is fixed within.
Have your eyes well focussed, fixed
on some object, don’t get mixed.

3. Ga’lama still permeates
atmosphere’s remotest states;
Everything we breathe or eat,
permeated is with breath.
Breath the principle remains,
life and light in us sustains,
breath unlocks all mystery,
from all sickness sets me free.
Breath is still the saving pow’r,
O I need thee ev’ry hour.


Il Elohim

1. Mazda, Thou theopneustic masterthought,
man’s only heritage and staff and rod;
Mazda, Mazda, Mazda, il Elohim.

2. Llama, Thou master of all noble thought,
to hearts of men all love and peace hast brought;
Llama, Llama, Llama, il Elohim.

3. Brahma, Thou breath that gives wings to thought,
and liftest us from error unto God;
Brahma, Brahma, Brahma, il Elohim.

4. Buddah, Thou emanative master thought,
into whose bosom ev’ry heart is caught;
Buddah, Buddah, Buddah, il Elohim.

5. Abba, Thou loving father of all thought,
who destin’st unto me a peaceful lot;
Abba, Abba, Abba, il Elohim.

6. Allah, expression of man’s noble thought,
to mankind in all ages wrought;
Allah, Allah, Allah, il Elohim.

7. O Man, revere the language of the thought,
live not in vain nor let thy works be nought;
Our God, our God our God is God within.


Oh, the Sorrow

Oh, the sorrow when we tarry,
oh, what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
ev’rything to God in prayer.