International Mazdaznan Summer Meeting 2024


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Mazdaznan life science -

a holistic yoga and development path

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Location: Yoga Vidya center, seminar house Shanti

Bad Meinberg, in the Teutoburg Forest


from Sunday, July 28. - August 4, 2024 
(Arrival: Sunday from 3.00 pm - welcome at 5.00 pm)
(Departure: Sunday, August 14: 12.00 noon after brunch)

This is a week of vacation, information, inspiration, practice and exchange

No matter whether you have known Mazdaznan for a long time, have rediscovered it for yourself or want to discover it, let yourself be enriched by a week with sound theory, lots of practice, lectures, music, singing and the experience of the connecting community. This week we want to familiarize ourselves with the contents of Mazdaznan in the so-called Caucasian Yoga and examine its roots in the Persian Avesta teachings of Zarathustra.

The program includes practical lessons and lectures based on Mazdaznan life science. The practice includes prayer, breathing, harmony and glandular exercises, as well as panopractic and the Egyptian positions. One afternoon we will visit the natural and cultural monument of the Externsteine, just a few kilometers away. There is a bus transfer and a tour here. Another afternoon is free for your own excursion in the area.

International Mazdaznan Summer Meeting 2022

We invite you again to the

 International Mazdaznan Summer Meeting in 2022

Easter Gahanbar 2016 in Haslemere

Dear friends,
to all of you who could not attend the Easter meeting this year, you might be happy to listen to the recordings below.

Blest be the tie - Till we meet again


Gillian reading Mazdaznan prayers, invocations, etc.

Dear friends,
already in 2008 at Tekels Park and 2010 in Haslemere, Gillian was so kind to speak the Mazdaznan prayers, which I had recorded with the computer.
Now is the time and possibility given to present you these recordings!

Gillian reading Mazdaznan Prayers, Invocations, Statement, Declaration of Freedom

Dear friends,
already in 2008 at Tekels Park and 2010 in Haslemere, Gillian was so kind to speak the Mazdaznan prayers, which I had recorded with the computer.
Now is the time and possibility given to present you these recordings!

In loving remembrance of Evelyn and Rex Allen

To be remembered by what they have done...

some Mazdaznan songs

Have in your heart sunshine and all is well

I am here upon the earth to reclaim the earth

I am here upon the earth to reclaim the earth;
to turn the deserts into a paradise –
A paradise most suitable unto God
and His associates to dwell therein.


The Daily Question

1. Be this then my daily question,
my anxiety, my reflection,
if in me God dwells and reigns (bis)

2. If I lively step to meet Him,
if in me I always see Him,
if I follow in His lead (bis)

3. If I reached the goal of brightness,
in all things reflect His likeness,
if in Him I’m solemnized (bis)


For God is Love

For God is love, and whosoever
abideth in that blessed love,
in him shall God abode forever,
and he abide in God’s own love.


Ev’ry inhaled breath

1. Ev’ry inhaled breath brings life,
exhalation ends all strife,
keep your nostrils wide and clear,
tongue relax: God’s name revere.
Inhale gladly, inhale long,
exhale slowly, exhale long,
then with ev’ry indrawn breath,
realize there is no death;
keep your chest out, chin drawn in,
set they thought on God within.

2. Adam breath of life received,
as God through his nostrils breathed,
Adam turned living soul
that he might perceive the goal.
Now relax your body well,
as through nostrils you exhale.
Keep your solar plexus in,
while your mind is fixed within.
Have your eyes well focussed, fixed
on some object, don’t get mixed.

3. Ga’lama still permeates
atmosphere’s remotest states;
Everything we breathe or eat,
permeated is with breath.
Breath the principle remains,
life and light in us sustains,
breath unlocks all mystery,
from all sickness sets me free.
Breath is still the saving pow’r,
O I need thee ev’ry hour.


Il Elohim

1. Mazda, Thou theopneustic masterthought,
man’s only heritage and staff and rod;
Mazda, Mazda, Mazda, il Elohim.

2. Llama, Thou master of all noble thought,
to hearts of men all love and peace hast brought;
Llama, Llama, Llama, il Elohim.

3. Brahma, Thou breath that gives wings to thought,
and liftest us from error unto God;
Brahma, Brahma, Brahma, il Elohim.

4. Buddah, Thou emanative master thought,
into whose bosom ev’ry heart is caught;
Buddah, Buddah, Buddah, il Elohim.

5. Abba, Thou loving father of all thought,
who destin’st unto me a peaceful lot;
Abba, Abba, Abba, il Elohim.

6. Allah, expression of man’s noble thought,
to mankind in all ages wrought;
Allah, Allah, Allah, il Elohim.

7. O Man, revere the language of the thought,
live not in vain nor let thy works be nought;
Our God, our God our God is God within.


Oh, the Sorrow

Oh, the sorrow when we tarry,
oh, what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
ev’rything to God in prayer.



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August 11th to AUGUST 18th 2018
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What is Mazdaznan

What is Mazdaznan?

The name "Mazdaznan" comes from the ancient Zend language and means "Creative Thought". This includes the whole system, of Thought through all the creative and evolutionary stages of life, culminating in the highest form of manifestation, the human being. Mazdaznan can be traced back many thousands of years before Christ, but it was only during the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century that its teachings were brought together and introduced to the western world by Dr O.Z.A. Ha'nish, who recognised that what was needed in this age was a religion and a practice which would bear scientific scrutiny.

Mazdaznan is an all-inclusive system of self-development, encouraging the individual to become self-reliant, thus gaining more confidence to meet the demands of the day. Gradually we unfold more of our physical, spiritual and intellectual endowments. It is essentially a practical way of living, applying the principles of life to ourselves. Inevitably there are times when we seek advice and assistance from others, but as far as possible we endeavour to fashion our development in our own way.

The Teaching demonstrates to the individual the need to acquire health of body in a systematic and scientific manner. Firstly, one is introduced to breathing exercises, designed to reinforce the senses. It is through the agencies of sight, hearing, smell, touch and feel that we make all of our experience in life. Then it aims to promote greater health through adopting a simple but scientific vegetarian diet. This combination of correct breathing and eating gives us a strong foundation on which we may, if we wish, develop other more spiritual and moral attributes. At all times we try to develop a balanced nature.

Some of the daily applications which assist in our self-development are: Rhythmic Breathing, Scientific Dietetics and Glandular Exercises. Slowly but surely the individual begins to take charge of his own destiny by self-discipline, self-determination and good behaviour.

Rhythmic Breathing calls for fuller inhalations and exhalations than we normally take. The method is of seven seconds 'in' and one second 'retentment', seven seconds 'out' and one second 'arrestment'. At all times there must be no forcing of the breath, and absolute positive relaxation is a priority with only the chest held firm.

Scientific Dietetics is learning the value and the proper combination of the food consumed. In most cases to eat less, but of more nutritional quality, and to eat from need, not from habit. Less eating "just what I fancy" and a greater understanding of what we need to eat for our better health, particularly what is suitable to my own temperament.

Glandular Exercises. We all realise that the human body is the result of long eons of evolutionary processes. The three great systems - the Circulatory, the Nervous and the Glandular - must work in close co-operation. Mazdaznan explains that the consciousness of life depends upon the development of the Glandular system through the awakenment of the six major endocrine glands by stirring them through scientific exercises accompanied by songs sung "on the breath".

Mazdaznan includes other subjects which will assist in the individual's further development. Step by step, these teachings provide the way to a better understanding of ourselves and the world about us.

Mazdaznan holds that man's inventive genius through scientific discoveries by no means diminishes God's laws, which encompass every phase of life as we understand it, as well as realms beyond our mortal comprehension. Science, in the many applications we have today, was previously unknown and unrecognised by ancient prophets and writers, who handed down to us their sacred writings and the laws as they perceived them, in their holy books. Mazdaznan declares that man has evolved and will continue to evolve to higher attainments, intellectually, spiritually and physically. Nature has provided us with the scientific laws so that we have more time to spend on expanding our knowledge into the modus operandi of our incredible universe, the world in which we live, and how to bring out the best from this human body. Mazdaznan teaches that we are to live within Nature's laws, as breaking them brings upon us retribution in the form of sickness, sin and sorrow. Our aim is to learn to live in harmony with nature, and gradually to become more conscious of our purpose in life. Jesus said that he came to "uphold the law, not to break it". He was not speaking then of the unfair laws of earth's authoritative institutions, which have so often in the past tried by every means to stifle man's endeavours towards progress, but rather he spoke of God's laws and Nature's laws, which are one and the same.

In conclusion: Mazdaznan sees mankind as a family which eventually must learn to live in peace together, sharing Nature's bounty, which can only be achieved through the application of the higher intelligence, rather than through conflict with all its resulting evils. Mazdaznan sees God, the Infinite Intelligence, as the focalization of all the good in life, and in Man possibilities that know no bounds.

By giving just a fraction of our spare time each day to the exercise of Mazdaznan teachings, we find the means to enjoy a fuller awareness of our purpose in life.


The English Mazdaznan literature

English Mazdaznan Literature




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Aetalonia Land of the Lords 1937



Avestan Zarathushtrianism 1937



Breathing Exercises 1-6 197x



Gems of Wisdom 1936



Introduction to the Science of the Glands 198x



Pedagogics 19xx



Personal Diagnosis 198x



Pre Natal Duty 1953



Science of Daily Life 1978



Science of Breathing 1934



Science of Eugenics 1937



Science of the Glands 1937



The Distilled Water Cure 1946



The Fall of Malaya 1938



The Spirit of Breath 1939



The Valley of Ghan 1939



Thou shalt not kill 19xx



What It Teaches 1969



Wheat the perfect food 19xx



Wheat the Staff of Life 1939







price in €

Avesta in Song 1946



Bambino 1924



Dietetics 1944 3rd British edition



Dietetics 1944 3rd British edition - adhesive binding



Health and Breath Culture 1914 2nd edition



Health and Breath Culture 1914 2nd edition - adhesive binding



Inner Studies 1904 2nd edition



Inner Studies 1904 2nd edition - adhesive binding



Yehoshua 1917



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mazdaznan? 
It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive System of Body and Mind Culture ever devised by man or revealed by God. 
Mazdaznan is a message and revelation that comes to meet the call of the world. For this reason it is not confined to any particular groove or limited to any particular platform. First of all it is the "the thot that masters all things for good."
Mazdaznan reveals to us origin, purpose and destiny; reminds us that "self-preservation is the first law in nature," and that health is one of our assets which is due in accordance with laws of nature, and we need not beg for health, strength, vitality, vim, gumption, energy, power and the many more attributes of the physical side of life. If robbed of all these requisites necessary to make life worth living, we have to arise in all our majesty and set out to regain what is ours by birthright.
Mazdaznan is an educational system based upon the fixed laws of regeneration. Once familiar with the modus operandi of the creative energy and the graduations of evolutionary processes, man may know with absolute certainty the momentum which determines his destiny. To correct, modify and adjust the planetary and gestative influences which mark uncertainties in the daily walks of life is the aim of every thinking man. That time may prove profitable, Mazdaznan offers to mankind a plan of redemption.

What does the word Mazdaznan mean?
Mazdaznan is a compound word of Mazda and znan, the latter an abbreviation of yasnian. Mazda itself is the highest ideal of man or Supreme Thought,which is God with His innumerable synonymous attributes, while yasnianstands for worshiper who most masterly performs his religious or conscious duty. Thus, in short, Mazda is Thought and znan is Master, or Master Thought.

Where is it from? 
From out of the depths of the Infinite Source, founded upon experience and observation as guided by intuition and reason, embracing every essential truth upon which all the systems of religion, philosophy, science and sociology are based.

Who is it for? 
For you and for me, and every other intelligent, thinking individual whose aim in life is Health, Happiness and Success, which are requisites essential unto perfection.

How can one attain to this? 
By devoting just a fraction of one's spare time to the exercise of the incomparable Mazdaznan practices, which teachings come to one and all irrespective of creed, caste or color, and are expounded in regular courses without obligation, money or price.

What guarantee is given to the student? 
The unfolding and developing of your own individuality—the highest, the noblest and the best that is within you—body, mind, soul and spirit—and thus by saving yourself from sickness, ignorance and error you learn to "Stand alone andMind your own." In this way you not only unfold all your attributes, endowments, gifts and talents unto the realization of higher attainments and better ends, turning the Daily Walks of Life into a continuous sweet, melodious Song with all the Objects in Nature for an accomplished Accompaniment, but at the same time contribute to the commonwealth one more member who has emerged from blind egoism, shallowness and narrow selfishness into that enlightened altruism and broad service for humanity on which the ultimate salvation of Society depends; in short, by redeeming yourself from inherited tendencies and ancestral ties of past antiquity, physically and morally, you do your just part toward annihilation of class consciousness and learn that "I am here upon this earth to reclaim the earth; to turn the deserts into a paradise, a paradise most suitable unto God and His Associates to dwell therein."

What is my obligation to Mazdaznan for these wonderful instructions? 
None other than that of proving yourself an irreproachable character and an honor to the commonwealth: to be considerate, reasonable, logical, discriminative, deductive, just, and to religiously follow regime, method, rhythm and duty, prompted by respectful obedience and interest, giving honor to whom honor is due and giving God (Principle) the glory, as there is no authority greater than God and no religion higher than Truth.

Is not Mazdaznan a cult? 
It is neither cult, sect, creed nor denomination; it is absolutely free from the influence of authoritative institutions, or any man or set of men. In the stricter sense the Associates impart the knowledge of Life they possess unto the world in general, and feel that they have done their just share and part towards the world's progress.

May I ask what information I am to expect in these lessons? 
It is impossible to enumerate all the subjects touched upon in the first course, which consists of six lessons, but we wish to mention a small number of them which must interest an intelligent mind, namely: Self-Culture, Power of Mind over Matter, Will, Determination, Tenacity, Rhythmic Breathing. Determination of the length of life of the individual as calculated by breath and brain capacity; development of man's seven lower and five higher senses—mental and spiritual; Ga-Llama (the centralizing life principle permeating all atmospheric space); Ganglionic action of the nervous system and its relation to the heart, disclosing the abode of man's soul, ego, spirit; Memory, memnotechnics, sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, feeling and intuition.

When my studies are finished what am I expected to do? 
To live the Simple Life by practicing and demonstrating the truth and value of every Good Thought, Good Word and Good Deed, that others may see the light and follow in the footsteps of a Perfect Life.

What does Mazdaznan stand for? 
For True Individualism united with Determinationalism.

What is the object of Mazdaznan in giving its work free, demanding no obligation from pupils? 

Its object is to have the declaration realized, viz.: "Glory to God in the highest, Peace on earth, Prosperity to all mankind!"

Will Mazdaznan interfere with my religion or business? 
Most assuredly not. Mazdaznan is not destructive but instructive and constructive. Mazdaznan is a Mission which seeks no adherents but desires to mend the broken link of kinship.