What is Mazdaznan?

The name "Mazdaznan" comes from the ancient Zend language and means "Creative Thought". This includes the whole system, of Thought through all the creative and evolutionary stages of life, culminating in the highest form of manifestation, the human being. Mazdaznan can be traced back many thousands of years before Christ, but it was only during the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century that its teachings were brought together and introduced to the western world by Dr O.Z.A. Ha'nish, who recognised that what was needed in this age was a religion and a practice which would bear scientific scrutiny.

Mazdaznan is an all-inclusive system of self-development, encouraging the individual to become self-reliant, thus gaining more confidence to meet the demands of the day. Gradually we unfold more of our physical, spiritual and intellectual endowments. It is essentially a practical way of living, applying the principles of life to ourselves. Inevitably there are times when we seek advice and assistance from others, but as far as possible we endeavour to fashion our development in our own way.

The Teaching demonstrates to the individual the need to acquire health of body in a systematic and scientific manner. Firstly, one is introduced to breathing exercises, designed to reinforce the senses. It is through the agencies of sight, hearing, smell, touch and feel that we make all of our experience in life. Then it aims to promote greater health through adopting a simple but scientific vegetarian diet. This combination of correct breathing and eating gives us a strong foundation on which we may, if we wish, develop other more spiritual and moral attributes. At all times we try to develop a balanced nature.

Some of the daily applications which assist in our self-development are: Rhythmic Breathing, Scientific Dietetics and Glandular Exercises. Slowly but surely the individual begins to take charge of his own destiny by self-discipline, self-determination and good behaviour.

Rhythmic Breathing calls for fuller inhalations and exhalations than we normally take. The method is of seven seconds 'in' and one second 'retentment', seven seconds 'out' and one second 'arrestment'. At all times there must be no forcing of the breath, and absolute positive relaxation is a priority with only the chest held firm.

Scientific Dietetics is learning the value and the proper combination of the food consumed. In most cases to eat less, but of more nutritional quality, and to eat from need, not from habit. Less eating "just what I fancy" and a greater understanding of what we need to eat for our better health, particularly what is suitable to my own temperament.

Glandular Exercises. We all realise that the human body is the result of long eons of evolutionary processes. The three great systems - the Circulatory, the Nervous and the Glandular - must work in close co-operation. Mazdaznan explains that the consciousness of life depends upon the development of the Glandular system through the awakenment of the six major endocrine glands by stirring them through scientific exercises accompanied by songs sung "on the breath".

Mazdaznan includes other subjects which will assist in the individual's further development. Step by step, these teachings provide the way to a better understanding of ourselves and the world about us.

Mazdaznan holds that man's inventive genius through scientific discoveries by no means diminishes God's laws, which encompass every phase of life as we understand it, as well as realms beyond our mortal comprehension. Science, in the many applications we have today, was previously unknown and unrecognised by ancient prophets and writers, who handed down to us their sacred writings and the laws as they perceived them, in their holy books. Mazdaznan declares that man has evolved and will continue to evolve to higher attainments, intellectually, spiritually and physically. Nature has provided us with the scientific laws so that we have more time to spend on expanding our knowledge into the modus operandi of our incredible universe, the world in which we live, and how to bring out the best from this human body. Mazdaznan teaches that we are to live within Nature's laws, as breaking them brings upon us retribution in the form of sickness, sin and sorrow. Our aim is to learn to live in harmony with nature, and gradually to become more conscious of our purpose in life. Jesus said that he came to "uphold the law, not to break it". He was not speaking then of the unfair laws of earth's authoritative institutions, which have so often in the past tried by every means to stifle man's endeavours towards progress, but rather he spoke of God's laws and Nature's laws, which are one and the same.

In conclusion: Mazdaznan sees mankind as a family which eventually must learn to live in peace together, sharing Nature's bounty, which can only be achieved through the application of the higher intelligence, rather than through conflict with all its resulting evils. Mazdaznan sees God, the Infinite Intelligence, as the focalization of all the good in life, and in Man possibilities that know no bounds.

By giving just a fraction of our spare time each day to the exercise of Mazdaznan teachings, we find the means to enjoy a fuller awareness of our purpose in life.